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mountain. sky. by K-Eternal mountain. sky. by K-Eternal
i will take you places that exist only in your imagination.


So, this one's an experiment. It's a landscape... kinda. Mountains and the rising sun, with clouds. If you're into minimal desktops, keep all your icons below the line for an excellent effect.

Yeah, it was originally a Terragen render.
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SugarSpunSister Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2006   Digital Artist
This is really nice. The colours are super. But you asked for advanced critique so heres my thoughts...did you use trace bitmap in photoshop? It looks kind of lazy...if you use vector-based software, or the pen tool, then you get much smoother results.

Pengar had some good points about the text too. Perhaps change to a really light orange to keep it with the other colours? It's a really nice concept, keep at it! :)
K-Eternal Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2007
A belated thank you for your comment! I've been out for a while, but it's good to see people are still offering critiques!
animationfan320 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2006  Student Traditional Artist
I really like this one... It makes me think of Cirque Du Soleil.. =) I love the shape and design. =)
pengar Featured By Owner May 11, 2006
I like the sky/sun, a nice, simple effect (cutout filter in photoshop, right?).

The main thing I would suggest is working with the white lines and the text. The text and the line right now are really cutting everything in half, i'd suggest moving the text either up to the skyline (without the line) or down to the bottom of the piece. Also, perhaps work with the font of the text so it matches the texture/chaotic quality of the sky and sun.
K-Eternal Featured By Owner May 11, 2006
Indeed it is the cutout filter. The white line is meant to create a space for icon placement (it's more meant as a WP than a standalone work of art). Still, you're right in that it may need more chaotic quality.

Thanks a lot for commenting, it's appreciated ^_^
BarefootMatt Featured By Owner May 8, 2006
I like it in principle, but since you asked for advanced critique, I have a couple points. One is that the sun is rather pixellated. Did you make this at a lower resolution and then enlarge it? The other thing is that I think it would be better if the colours were a bit richer. Perhaps add a bit of a red tinge to the browns to contrast just a bit more with the yellows and give it a warmer feel.
K-Eternal Featured By Owner May 8, 2006
Thanks a lot. I was hoping for some criticism, since this isn't a style I usually try. Excellent points. If I feel inspired, I may remake this WP. (It was done at the present res, but I should have used a higher res first.)
Antigilbert Featured By Owner May 5, 2006
That is excellent. Personal preference, but I think it's one of your best that I have seen. Definatly adding to my favorites.

Have you heard about the new Terragen? It's supposed to fix a bunch of stuff and make it way better.
K-Eternal Featured By Owner May 6, 2006
How new? Are you referring to Terragen 2, or 0.9.43?

And thanks ^_^
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